Go Stainless!

This excellent video from Project MX5 shows you what is involved in replacing the complete exhaust system on a much loved mk1, with  top quality stainless steel components. There is more to this task than meets the eye, but it is well worth the effort!

S**t Happens!

Seagulls are a part of living by the sea, and I love their angry cries and swooping flight, but they also bring problems. My good lady has a Mazda 2 which is her pride and joy, and over the past weeks it has been the target of many bombing raids by breeding gulls,  She tries very hard to remove any deposits as soon as possible but recently scratched a door quite badly by not using enough water. Seagulls eat grit to help to digest their food and this can result in real problems if you try to clean your car without washing the area thoroughly.

I tried several products to polish out the damage to the lacquer but  to no avail and so decided to invest in the highly rated Farecla G3 Professional scratch remover. I was completely astonished by the results achieved with this product, after only a few minutes the door  looked like new. and my wife was happy again!

The Engineered Diminishing Abrasive particles in G3 Scratch Remover break down consistently and reduce in size as you remove the scratch or scuff, finally turning into a smooth wax polishing fluid. This means it won’t harm your bodywork. A 500ml bottle of this magic liquid costs only £8.35 from Amazon, click on the logo to get some now!

Buying a Five? Get the App Guide!

This electronic buyer’s guide  app is just like having a marque expert by your side. Benefit from the author’s years of real ownership experience, learn how to spot a bad car quickly, and how to assess a promising one like a true professional. Get the right car at the right price! To learn more visit the Veloce website by clicking on the logo:

The app is available for iPhone and iPad and costs £2.49

Get Stuff For Your Five

Brochure 2013

Sportscars are like beautiful women, you want to buy them stuff! And the best place to start looking for parts and accessories for your five is Portsmouth based  MX5parts.co.uk. The success story of this family-run business is quite amazing, they launched the MX5parts website 14 years ago with a commitment to bring the MX5 community the very best items from around the world at competitive prices, and with the best customer service. Since then the company’s growth has been truly phenomenal, from 1999 through 2004 they achieved 100% growth year on year, each year.

Every part they sell is the best in its class and is the best value for money available. They have four MX5s in daily use within the family, and every part they sell has been tested on their cars to ensure suitability and fit. To prove how confident they are, they also offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on every product. All orders placed before 3.00pm any week day are dispatched the same day and are delivered to your door within 1-2 days. With a minimum of £750,000 of  items in store, 98% of orders can be met from stock.

I have bought a number of items from MX5 Parts and always found their customer service exceptional. They no longer produce their  free colour catalogue but you can view the 2013 edition by clicking on the photo above, it is great for browsing, You can of course see their up to date range and order at any time on their secure website by clicking on the logo below:

Haynes Under Strain

My copy of the latest Haynes MX5 Manual arrived this morning and I am afraid the concerns that have been expressed by other reviewers have proven to be true. Previous Haynes books I have owned were hardback, printed on quality paper and with bright, clear illustrations. This one is a paperback and is printed on the cheapest possible grey paper which results in poorly contrasted photographs that are very difficult to see.

The content appears to be the previous edition up to 1990 with perfunctory add-ons to cover models up to 2009 and with nothing on the latest 3.5 cars, although the manual was published a year after  the 3.5 launch. It really is a shame to see a prestigious company destroy its reputation by releasing a product that is so poorly made. There are getting on for a million MX5s around with a huge and enthusiastic following for maintenance, restoration and racing, and it seems to be financial suicide to launch a manual that entirely fails to recognise this huge market.

Having said that, beggars can’t be choosers. There are no other MX5 workshop manuals available and at least you can get some technical help from this book. The trouble is I feel that Haynes is showing a complete lack of respect for its customers and I gain no pleasure from using this publication. Sorry Haynes, we were really looking forward to this manual but you have let us all down.

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