Liquid Gold Test Results

I recently bought a bottle of the new Triplewax Liquid Gold car shampoo to see if its claimed self drying properties really worked. Well I have just tried it out on my wife’s new Mazda 2 and I have to say I am very impressed with the results.

The shampoo is easy to use but feels slightly sticky at the recommended dilution of 100ml to a bucket of warm water.. It also produces lots of foam  but is very easy to rinse off. As you can see the car looks great and the cleaning time was reduced by more than half.

The only criticism I have is that you get just four or five washes out of a bottle so it is quite expensive. However Liquid Gold saves lots of time and gets great results. I will probably buy it again  as it cuts out the labour of leathering the car. Prices vary a lot at the moment so shop around; as the product becomes established it will become cheaper. Give it try and see what you think!

It’s Show Shine Time!

I have more beauty products on my garage shelf than my wife has on her dressing table, and the latest addition to the MX5 care kit is an all-round spray polish from Autoglym.

I have always been a bit cautious of aerosols because they seem to go everywhere but this polish is versatile, easy to use and makes even black cars shine like Paul Simon’s National guitar!

After washing and leathering the MX5 I applied this stuff and the results were remarkable; the car looks absolutely fabulous. It is also reasonably priced and goes a long way.  Autoglym make really high quality car care products and I would strongly recommend this one, watch the video to see more:

Get Stuff For Your Five

Brochure 2013

Sportscars are like beautiful women, you want to buy them stuff! And the best place to start looking for parts and accessories for your five is Portsmouth based The success story of this family-run business is quite amazing, they launched the MX5parts website 14 years ago with a commitment to bring the MX5 community the very best items from around the world at competitive prices, and with the best customer service. Since then the company’s growth has been truly phenomenal, from 1999 through 2004 they achieved 100% growth year on year, each year.

Every part they sell is the best in its class and is the best value for money available. They have four MX5s in daily use within the family, and every part they sell has been tested on their cars to ensure suitability and fit. To prove how confident they are, they also offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on every product. All orders placed before 3.00pm any week day are dispatched the same day and are delivered to your door within 1-2 days. With a minimum of £750,000 of  items in store, 98% of orders can be met from stock.

I have bought a number of items from MX5 Parts and always found their customer service exceptional. They no longer produce their  free colour catalogue but you can view the 2013 edition by clicking on the photo above, it is great for browsing, You can of course see their up to date range and order at any time on their secure website by clicking on the logo below:

Read All About It!

Twenty years on from its launch, the Mazda MX5 has established itself as the most popular sports car ever made, with legions of fans who adore its appealing looks, fine handling and honest virtues. Here is the full story, from genesis to today’s Mk3.5, complete with a special chapter about the numerous special editions. Supporting the historical background are extensive sections on the practical aspects of ownership including buying guidance, modifying and accessories, together with maintenance essentials.

Well-illustrated and attractively designed, this book should be standard reading for all MX5 enthusiasts. Updated in 2009, this is a hardback with 184 pages and 250 colour photographs and is available from Amazon with 40% off the list price at £12.25. My copy just arrived and it is brilliant!

Read All About It!

The first thing I did when I bought my MX5 was to try and find out more about the development of the car, and whilst there is lots of material online there is nothing like a good book, and this one is outstanding. With a foreword by Miata Program Manager Takao Kijima, here in definitive detail is the history of the Mazda MX5, the world’s favourite sports car. Researched and written in Japan by Brian Long, with the full cooperation of Mazda, this beautifully produced book tells the story of the MX5 Miata from its inception and design, and follows the development of the car through three generations of production and international sales.

There are over 224 pages containing full colour photographs, concept drawings, and illustrations and the story of the MX5 is told in an easy but authoritative style. Although an American publication, the book covers all marques of the MX5 and is a really good read. You can get it from MX5 Parts by clicking on their Logo:

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