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Mazda’s head of design talks about the new fastback

An Excellent Review

This review is by the “Savage Geese” channel in America who make extremely high quality films and give exceptionally balanced reviews. This is their philosophy:

“Savage Geese wants to take a more complete approach to reviews and products. We are not a junk food channel, strap in, enjoy and learn with us. Our goal is to re-define what is possible from a private media group in the automotive and tech space. We take criticism and feedback seriously, the result is immediate improvement in our future projects.”

This is a lengthy, in-depth test of an American model of the new MX5 but almost all of the review is completely relevant to the UK version, so put your feet up with a cup of coffee and enjoy!

If you don’t have time for that you can use the index below to go to the sections which you are interested in:

00:00 – 01:25 – Intro
01:25 – 04:00 – Exterior Impressions
04:00 – 09:25 – In the Shoppe with Turbowski – Front End
09:25 – 11:37 – Shoppe – Rear End
11:37 – 14:30 – Shoppe Motor and Other Things
14:30 – 25:00 – Driving Impressions
25:00 – 31:15 – Interior Impressions
31:15 – 33:50 – Final Thoughts

Germany Calling…

To see a really thorough review of the ND Mx5 you have to go to Germany. This is an excellent look at the car and covers all aspects of the new model. The  reviewer speaks perfect English and although the film lasts almost half an hour it is well worth settling down with a cup of tea and a mince pie and learning lots more about the latest version of our favourite sports car.

An Excellent, Straight Talking Review

This is the best short review of the new MX5 that I have come across. A no-nonsense expert looks at all aspects of the car and tells it like it is!

MK4 Track Battle, 1.5 or 2.0 ltr, Which is Best?

Auto Express Magazine put the two MX5 models head to head,

which is the one to buy?

The verdict – The extra performance, equipment and value that the 2.0-litre model brings probably makes it the MX5 to go for. It offers up that added urgency when you need it most, and only serves to enhance all the exhilarating thrills for which this roadster made its name.

To read the full review click on the logo below:

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