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Long standing Brackley based Mazda tuning specialist, BBR, is delighted to launch its first much anticipated engine, suspension and brake upgrade packages for the latest ND versions of the ever popular MX5 sports car. Upgrades have been designed to deliver the driving excitement that Mazda enthusiast community seeks. Resulting from many months of intense research and development on the all-new Mazda SkyActiv engine, BBR’s ‘Super 160’ for the 1.5-litre models, as well as ‘Super 175+’ and ‘Super 190’ for the larger 2.0-litre, deliver astonishing power gains  with absolutely  no loss of driveability.

Key Points

New BBR upgrades are designed for both 1.5 and 2.0-litre variants of the latest ND model.
‘Super 160’ upgrade is purpose designed for smaller 1.5-litre variant of the new MX5.
Either 177bhp from ‘Super 175+’ package or over 190bhp available from ‘Super 190’ upgrade for range topping 2.0-litre MX5 ND model.
Each conversion uses non-intrusive tuning techniques, is fully reversible, completely MOT emissions compliant and retains the Mazda factory electronic fail-safes.
Full range of ND variant dynamic braking and suspension upgrades also launched for enthusiast market.

To read full details of the upgrades please click on the BBR logo:



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  1. Comment by Andrew Harker on December 14, 2015 6:28 pm

    I have a Facebook page dedicated to the 25th edition and one of the members works at BBR. We get to hear about all the work.


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