An Excellent Review

This review is by the “Savage Geese” channel in America who make extremely high quality films and give exceptionally balanced reviews. This is their philosophy:

“Savage Geese wants to take a more complete approach to reviews and products. We are not a junk food channel, strap in, enjoy and learn with us. Our goal is to re-define what is possible from a private media group in the automotive and tech space. We take criticism and feedback seriously, the result is immediate improvement in our future projects.”

This is a lengthy, in-depth test of an American model of the new MX5 but almost all of the review is completely relevant to the UK version, so put your feet up with a cup of coffee and enjoy!

If you don’t have time for that you can use the index below to go to the sections which you are interested in:

00:00 – 01:25 – Intro
01:25 – 04:00 – Exterior Impressions
04:00 – 09:25 – In the Shoppe with Turbowski – Front End
09:25 – 11:37 – Shoppe – Rear End
11:37 – 14:30 – Shoppe Motor and Other Things
14:30 – 25:00 – Driving Impressions
25:00 – 31:15 – Interior Impressions
31:15 – 33:50 – Final Thoughts

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