A Special Award For The MX5!

The festive season is upon us, and we flock to the garden centre  to pick out our Christmas tree, but finding a way of getting it home can be problematic. You can try strapping it to the roof of your car or squeezing it inside, however, neither method is ideal for transporting a larger evergreen, when you are restricted by the length of your roof or interior space. The problem grows larger the larger the tree you buy. Upgrade to a 12 footer and most people end up flummoxed when trying to work out how to get it home!
Which car would be best to transport our 12 foot Evergreen? A Mazda 6 Estate? A CX5? Both good options, but we weren’t convinced that even they would be able to handle our XXL purchase. And then we had a brainwave. We needed a car with personality. A car which would take on any challenge, no matter how big or small. A car that knows what the word fun is all about. Then we knew – we needed an MX5 of course!

MX5 Tree

Roof down and slotting nicely into the passenger position, our Christmas tree looked every bit the comfortable co-pilot. Our huge tree had a ride back to its future residence in style. Not many Christmas trees get to travel along in a multi award winning roadster. Air flowing through its branches, it clearly felt like the good old days when winds whistled through its foliage in the forest. A sense of freedom and style – well, its hard not to feel that way when in an MX5.


So we would like to offer up a new award to the prestigious Mazda MX5: The best car to transport a 12 foot Christmas tree in! It’s not the World’s best selling two seater roadster of all time for nothing!

With thanks to TW White & Sons:


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