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This review is by the “Savage Geese” channel in America who make extremely high quality films and give exceptionally balanced reviews. This is their philosophy:

“Savage Geese wants to take a more complete approach to reviews and products. We are not a junk food channel, strap in, enjoy and learn with us. Our goal is to re-define what is possible from a private media group in the automotive and tech space. We take criticism and feedback seriously, the result is immediate improvement in our future projects.”

This is a lengthy, in-depth test of an American model of the new MX5 but almost all of the review is completely relevant to the UK version, so put your feet up with a cup of coffee and enjoy!

If you don’t have time for that you can use the index below to go to the sections which you are interested in:

00:00 – 01:25 – Intro
01:25 – 04:00 – Exterior Impressions
04:00 – 09:25 – In the Shoppe with Turbowski – Front End
09:25 – 11:37 – Shoppe – Rear End
11:37 – 14:30 – Shoppe Motor and Other Things
14:30 – 25:00 – Driving Impressions
25:00 – 31:15 – Interior Impressions
31:15 – 33:50 – Final Thoughts

A Special Award For The MX5!

The festive season is upon us, and we flock to the garden centre  to pick out our Christmas tree, but finding a way of getting it home can be problematic. You can try strapping it to the roof of your car or squeezing it inside, however, neither method is ideal for transporting a larger evergreen, when you are restricted by the length of your roof or interior space. The problem grows larger the larger the tree you buy. Upgrade to a 12 footer and most people end up flummoxed when trying to work out how to get it home!
Which car would be best to transport our 12 foot Evergreen? A Mazda 6 Estate? A CX5? Both good options, but we weren’t convinced that even they would be able to handle our XXL purchase. And then we had a brainwave. We needed a car with personality. A car which would take on any challenge, no matter how big or small. A car that knows what the word fun is all about. Then we knew – we needed an MX5 of course!

MX5 Tree

Roof down and slotting nicely into the passenger position, our Christmas tree looked every bit the comfortable co-pilot. Our huge tree had a ride back to its future residence in style. Not many Christmas trees get to travel along in a multi award winning roadster. Air flowing through its branches, it clearly felt like the good old days when winds whistled through its foliage in the forest. A sense of freedom and style – well, its hard not to feel that way when in an MX5.


So we would like to offer up a new award to the prestigious Mazda MX5: The best car to transport a 12 foot Christmas tree in! It’s not the World’s best selling two seater roadster of all time for nothing!

With thanks to TW White & Sons:


Limited Editions

The 2006 MX5 third generation “3500” Limited Edition

Throughout the history of the MX5 Mazda have produced many limited editions of the car and far too many to list here. If you would like details of all the UK LE models then just click on the logo below:

To download an electronic version of the brochure for your particular model for just £1.50 you now need to go to:


So let’s take a look at one Limited Edition MX5 which is particularly sought after, the MX5 Niseko, which was released in January 2008 and named after Japan’s most prestigious Skiing resort.

Both the entry-level 1.8i Niseko soft-top (126bhp, five-speed) and the 2.0i roadster coupe (160bhp, six-speed) were available in a new bespoke colour “Icy Blue” metallic, as well as “Sunlight Silver” metallic at no additional charge. The Niseko offered up to £2,000 worth of additional and exclusive extras over and above the standard models.
Special exterior features of the Mazda MX-5 Niseko included unique design 17-inch alloy wheels, unique body colour finish for the style bar trim, front fog lamps, Chrome Pack (door handles and headlamp bezels, and surrounds for the side-repeaters, front grille and fog lamps) and special edition ‘Niseko’ badging on each front wing, plus a unique dark
brown premium cloth for the fabric roof.

Inside, both Niseko models featured unique dark brown heated leather seats with co-ordinated door trim and icy blue stitching, plus dark brown leather steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake. They were also equipped with a dark-silver dash panel, stainless-steel scuff plates and Niseko-branded luxury interior mats, with a chrome suspension strut tower bracing bar beneath the bonnet.
Just 240 examples of the Mazda MX5 1.8i Niseko soft-top and 560 units of the MX5 2.0i Niseko roadster coupe were made available in the UK. Today the cars are very hard to find so keep an eye out for one!

Go Stainless!

This excellent video from Project MX5 shows you what is involved in replacing the complete exhaust system on a much loved mk1, with  top quality stainless steel components. There is more to this task than meets the eye, but it is well worth the effort!

A Man’s Best Friend

Dog Carrier

The wife is out shopping, you are under the car, who can pass you the spanners? One Dutch mechanic found that his Dachshund could be a great help!

Dog Spanner

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