Can I Borrow Your Lighter?

2016 Chassis

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The new MX5 is 100kg lighter than the old one thanks to clever weight savings! Yes, a whole 100kg lighter, about the same as a short overweight person. And don’t forget, the NC this car replaces is hardly a fatty. Sure, the ND may be smaller, but that’s not the only way Mazda kept the bulk down.

Like its predecessor, the new car has been subjected to Mazda’s “gram strategy” – a thought process that sees every component examined and made lighter if possible. A shorter screw here and there, something made out of steel forged from aluminium instead, a piece of plastic trim made smaller – all modest reductions, but they add up. Including the driver, the 1.5-litre ND has a kerb weight of 1050kg.

Some of the bigger weight reductions on the new MX5 include an 8kg drop for the 2.0-litre engine, 14kg for the 1.5-litre compared to the old 1.8, a gearbox which is 7kg lighter, 12kg shed from the suspension thanks to the front knuckle plus upper and lower arms made from aluminium, and a folding roof that’s 3kg less bulky than before.

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