A Very British Road Test

This is an interesting review as is not the usual hard-nosed male presenter, and so we get a refreshing approach compared with many of the magazine pundits. See what you think….

But I Am Reassured!

White 2016 MX5

I have at last seen the new model and I am delighted to report that the car is very striking. The lines are futuristic and much sharper than the Mk 3.5. Much effort has been expended in keeping the car as light as possible, even the window glass is drilled out below the door line! The interior is not as pleasing as the older car with a lack of symmetry in switch and instrument layout, but in a way this reflects the more aggressive styling of the whole car.

2016-MX5 Interior

The equipment levels are very high, with adaptive headlights, rain sensing wipers, lane assist and rear parking sensors just a few of the extras in the higher spec models. I am a bit surprised that a model which is supposed to go back to the ethos of the mark 1 MX5 would have so many “family car” options, but anything that improves safety must be a good thing. You can review the complete range by clicking on the logo below, which will open the latest full PDF brochure:


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