Canadians Know About Snow

If you can put up with the somewhat grating delivery of this Canadian reviewer there is some interesting stuff in this video about driving your five on the white stuff. The one clear message that comes through is that if you want to stay safe, then fit snow tyres!

Small Boy in a Fast Car

This is a good review of the latest 1.8 SE MX5 from the “Inside Lane” video channel, and I apologise  to the tester for at first thinking him not old enough to be out without his mum!

Ireland discovers the MX5

This charming video is the first review of our favourite sports car that I have found from the Emerald Isle, and it is quite the most enjoyable road test I have ever seen. The presenter  is relaxed, easy going and has clearly kissed the Blarney Stone, so grab a Guinness and watch it all, it is well worth it!

The Competition Hots Up

Mini 2

MINI is set to axe its slow-selling Coupe and Roadster and replace them with a more aggressive standalone sports car that will take on our much loved Mazda MX5. Mechanically, the 2015 MINI sports car will be largely similar to the new MINI hatch, running on the same front-wheel-drive platform and with similar suspension, steering and gearboxes, although all models will be tuned to deliver sharper reactions.

New 1.5-litre, three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will be offered on entry-level models. However, it’s the range-topping Cooper S and JCW versions, powered by a new 2.0-litre turbo engine, that performance fans will prefer. BMW’s new modular engine family is said to be capable of producing between 40bhp and 74bhp per cylinder for the petrol engines, and between 26bhp and 60bhp for the diesels. Expect the sports car to produce around 220bhp in JCW tune.

Mini 1

The new, sleeker sports cars will share virtually no body panels with the rest of the MINI line-up. However, the 2015 MINI will retain key styling cues from the rest of the new range, including round headlights with LED rings, larger tail-lamps and muscular curves along the sides.

 Despite stiff competition from Alfa Romeo, BMW and Mazda, the new MX5 rival will have to wait until more important versions of the next MINI have been rolled out before it enters production.

MX5 Nexgen

With all this action in the small sports car market isn’t it about time that Mazda gave us a taste of what is to come in 2015? With almost a million loyal fans of the MX5, it would be great to know what to expect from the next generation of our favourite sports car.

Auto Express Logo

Thanks to Auto Express for the MINI information.You can read the full article by clicking on the logo.

The Shape of Things to Come?


The upcoming Alfa Romeo Spider planned to go on sale in 2015 will combine 168bhp of power with a kerb weight of around 1000kg according the latest report from Autocar. The Alfa Romeo Spider, which will share its underpinnings with the next-generation Mazda MX5 and be built in Japan as part of a partnership finalised in January, will be powered by the Italian brand’s own hardware.
According to the report, the 168bhp turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder MultiAir unit found in the current front-wheel-drive Alfa Romeo Giulietta will also power the rear-wheel-drive Spider, albeit installed longitudinally. The engine is to be mated exclusively to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission in a move that matches the sole paddle-shifted gearbox available for the turbocharged 1.8-litre-powered hardtop 4C sports car.


While the report says the Italian and Japanese soft-tops will share windscreens, windscreen structures, front bulkheads, engine compartments and front and rear axles, the Alfa Romeo is set to be slightly longer. Both are believed to be around four metres long and 1.7 metres wide, though, and weigh between 1000-1100kg.

Given the variation of major components, commonality between the Spider and the MX5 will be relatively low, at about 40 per cent. A more typical figure for joint-platform projects is 60 per cent.

Alfa Spider Artist

Alfa-Romeo Spider Artist’s Impression

The Alfa Romeo Spider is expected to launch in late 2015, more than a year after the 4C’s expected local arrival in early 2014 and behind the next-generation Mazda MX5’s early-2015 global launch.

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