S**t Happens!

Seagulls are a part of living by the sea, and I love their angry cries and swooping flight, but they also bring problems. My good lady has a Mazda 2 which is her pride and joy, and over the past weeks it has been the target of many bombing raids by breeding gulls,  She tries very hard to remove any deposits as soon as possible but recently scratched a door quite badly by not using enough water. Seagulls eat grit to help to digest their food and this can result in real problems if you try to clean your car without washing the area thoroughly.

I tried several products to polish out the damage to the lacquer but  to no avail and so decided to invest in the highly rated Farecla G3 Professional scratch remover. I was completely astonished by the results achieved with this product, after only a few minutes the door  looked like new. and my wife was happy again!

The Engineered Diminishing Abrasive particles in G3 Scratch Remover break down consistently and reduce in size as you remove the scratch or scuff, finally turning into a smooth wax polishing fluid. This means it won’t harm your bodywork. A 500ml bottle of this magic liquid costs only £8.35 from Amazon, click on the logo to get some now!

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