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MX5 Owner’s Club member Darren Hart is the proud owner if a new limited edition MX5 Venture and we asked him to give us his first impressions of the car, and in particular to review the major feature of the Venture model, the integrated satnav and hi fi system. This is what he told us:

The new MX5 Venture special edition comes in crystal white, metropolitan grey and radiant ebony with Mazda’s NVA-SD8110 EU Live Tom Tom navigation and audio system as standard. Ebony can look black in certain lights and purple/red in direct sunlight.

The sat nav takes a long time to set the unit up with preferences but once done, it is an all in one unit which achieves a lot. In my previous Mk2.5 MX5 I used the cd/radio and a Tom Tom Via 120 live system which was stuck to the windscreen and had a power cord dangling down the dashboard towards the cigarette lighter.

The previous radio would not accept mp3s or iPod, this one can and does a lot more besides. The Tom Tom side of things will be very familiar to anyone with a modern Tom Tom with live services as the menus are identical and Mazda pay for 3 months live services which you have to activate yourself from the head unit. Updates and maps are done via the SD card which is easily removed and automatically updates itself once in a pc.

The head unit is voice activated by a microphone located bang in front of the driver through the steering wheel. This works well, but can get confused if the side windows are down or there is other ambient noise, pressing the touch screen is much more effective in this case. As with other high end Tom Tom units it is fully Bluetooth compatible with most mobile phones where your phone book is downloaded onto the unit, calls are hands free and even texts are read out.

The audio side is very impressive with FM, AM, LW, ipod and aux inputs. The ipod dock is just a long wire which is fed into the glove compartment, but once there all the menus are controllable from the touch screen. The sound quality is as good as any existing Mazda unit.

All in all a good unit combining navigation, audio and telephone into one compact system. The car, colour and navigation system is my perfect choice.

Many thanks to Darren for his excellent review, if you would like to contribute to MX5Roadster, please email your article using the contact link in the left hand column.


  1. Comment by Andy on March 10, 2012 4:13 pm

    Mine arrives Friday. I can’t work out from the Sanyo manual what part of the iPod cable has to be purchased separately, I have a cable with iPod connector, RCA and USB already, is that all I need?
    Nice car, mines the same colour, after seeing these pics I know i chose well

  2. Comment by Ian on July 8, 2012 11:07 pm

    Picked up our Grey Venture roadster yesterday. looks classy colourwise.. Love it… in excess of 40 mpg cruising 60 to 70 mpg… Sat Nav works great with iPod classic..


  3. Comment by Matt on July 30, 2012 11:39 am

    Hi – looking at the 2.0lt Venture myself.

    One question though, the specs for the audio system on these mention 6 speakers, rather than the 7 specified against the Bose system. Is it the sub which is lost? If so, how does the low end sound in the Venture stand up against the previous Bose system?



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