Mx5 Dragster

We wrote about this crazy Australian MX5 dragster last year and you can read the original article by clicking on the photo above.

The car re-emerged last month for further trials and now seems even meaner than before:

It looks like this was just a half track test run for this little MX5 but it’s certainly got some potential. I think we will see some serious numbers out of this beast once the driver is up to speed.

Roadster? I Don’t Think So

The new Mini Roadster has been hailed as a real competitor for the MX5. Well, it has four wheels, two seats and a soft top, but in my opinion that is where the similarity ends. This cabriolet has all the styling of a sandwich box, suffers from heavy torque steer and in my opinion completely lacks class. If you are a bit of a lad then you might see yourself in one of these, but anyone with an atom of taste will not be drawn in. I have put this film on MX5 Roadster simply so that you may know your enemy….

What do you think?

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