The Great Insurance Scam

Honest motorists are facing soaring premiums as a fraud epidemic sweeps the country, causing insurers to secretly blacklist certain postcodes. We have seen a record 40% hike in premiums over the past year, with the average annual comprehensive policy forecast to break the £1,000 barrier within 12 months. Insurers say a major reason for this increase is fraudulent claims that are estimated to cost £2.7bn a year, adding £44 to your annual premium.

Insurers are raising prices even further because of high concentrations of fraudulent claims, and brokers say some insurance firms are refusing to cover motorists at all in certain areas. Common frauds include staged accidents, bogus injury claims — whiplash being the most common — and fronting, where parents cut costs by claiming they are the main driver on an insurance policy for their child’s car.

So what can you do? The government is going to outlaw  the sale of personal details, which will help. I got a text message an hour ago asking me to claim for my accident, is that the one I had in 1975?

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