Cap This!

Chrome Cap

I have no connection with MX5 Parts other than having used them frequently and found their service first class, but when I saw that the last few of these beautiful filler caps had been obtained by the company  I just had to pass it on. These Genuine Mazda chrome fuel filler lids are made to the highest quality and are by far one of the easiest accessories to fit, even utilising the original opening mechanism. Totally transforming the exterior of your car, these really are the “must have” exterior accessory for any Mk2 or Mk2.5 owner.

I think this is the most desirable bit of bling for your five, I only wish the offer extended to the later models. Go on, get yourself one for Christmas by clicking on  the photo above.

Hard or Soft?

One of those rather odd people from the Fifth Gear programme takes a look at the pros and cons of the soft top and the coupe versions of our favourite sports car. What ever happened to Tiff Needell?

Get Your Wipers Right

As a retired air traffic controller I think I have a very high level of spatial awareness, but there is one simple task that always blows my mind, even though I have done it many times, and that is replacing windscreen wiper blades. If I am not meticulously careful I manage to put them on upside down or back to front, so here is an AA video to help you if you have the same problem.

One additional tip is that when you have removed the old blade, carefully put it down on the (protected) bonnet exactly as it came off and then match the orientation of the new blade to the old one.

I just changed mine and the improvement is amazing, even though there was no apparent wear to the blades. The cheapest source of genuine Mazda wipers is, as usual, MX5Parts. Click on the logo:

The Great Insurance Scam

Honest motorists are facing soaring premiums as a fraud epidemic sweeps the country, causing insurers to secretly blacklist certain postcodes. We have seen a record 40% hike in premiums over the past year, with the average annual comprehensive policy forecast to break the £1,000 barrier within 12 months. Insurers say a major reason for this increase is fraudulent claims that are estimated to cost £2.7bn a year, adding £44 to your annual premium.

Insurers are raising prices even further because of high concentrations of fraudulent claims, and brokers say some insurance firms are refusing to cover motorists at all in certain areas. Common frauds include staged accidents, bogus injury claims — whiplash being the most common — and fronting, where parents cut costs by claiming they are the main driver on an insurance policy for their child’s car.

So what can you do? The government is going to outlaw  the sale of personal details, which will help. I got a text message an hour ago asking me to claim for my accident, is that the one I had in 1975?

The best course of action is to find out how to get a good deal by visiting the “Car Insurance Explained” website which is packed with really useful information. Get tips on how to get the cheapest quote, learn about multi-car policies, excesses, ten month policies and lots more! Click on the logo:

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