Here We Go Again!

Once again the balanced, even tones of the Daily Mail scream out to its readers, we are all going to die! Personally I don’t believe a word of it but after the severe driving conditions we all suffered last year and the difficulty of controlling a lightweight rear wheel drive sports car in such weather, I have been giving some thought to winter tyres.

The trouble is, a set of winter tyres and steel wheels will set you back upwards of £500 and can be hard to get hold of; you then have to  fit them to your five and finally find somewhere to store your lovely alloys with the summer rubber on. I am lucky because I don’t have to drive if the conditions are dangerous, but many of us do, and it is far better to be properly prepared than to stuff your much loved MX5 into a brick wall. So how much difference do these magic tyres make? The experts at “What Car” can tell you:

So, what to do? its expensive, complicated and another thing to take up your time; but on the continent winter tyres are mandatory in many countries and the result of not having the right kit can be very upsetting, take a look at one man’s experience:

Warning! Contains strong language.

To see just how much a set of winter tyres and wheels for your MX5 will cost, click on the “MyTyres” Link:

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