Exploring the Envelope

When a fast jet pilot is learning to fly he is taught how to handle his aircraft in extreme situations and is encouraged to explore its limitations. This makes day to day flying simple and lets him get the very best performance from the machine when required.

Unfortunately we humble motorists don’t get the same opportunity because we have to drive safely on busy roads, although many of the contributors to MX5 forums tell us that smoking the tyres, red-lining through the gears and drifting on roundabouts is quite normal!

One way to find out about your car’s limitations is to take it to a track day, but there are two problems with this; firstly, you might bend your lovely car, and secondly you are definitely going to beat seven bells out of it. Now I don’t fancy either of these options at all, and I would also like to have some proper instruction on advanced handling, just like the fast jet pilot gets.

But don’t worry! The ideal solution is provided at the Thruxton Motor Sport Centre, where you can enjoy one-to-one tuition on the track in a nice new two litre MX5. Following a full briefing you get 15 laps of the fastest circuit in the country, with a professional instructor, and you will come away with really improved driving skills, a much better idea of the capabilities of your own car and a very silly grin on your face! As they say in the trade, “All the thrills and none of the spills”.

So, if you fancy a really exciting day out and would like to learn a lot more about your lovely MX5 without the risks of a track day, just click on the Thruxton logo:

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