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The Boot-bag in Action In France

Mazda make a beautiful boot lid carrier and case for your extra holiday luggage but even on special offer it costs an eye-watering £464.18! To spend this sum on an item you use once or twice a year seems somewhat extravagant to say the least, but fortunately a small company has come up with a clever, practical alternative at an affordable price. have designed a  luggage bag that attaches to your MX5’s boot lid using a unique strapping system. The bag is waterproof and sits on a non slip mat to protect your paintwork. The straps won’t damage the edge of the boot-lid like a luggage rack and the whole thing is fitted and removed in minutes:

Slideshow – Fitting the Boot-bag

The Boot-bag is available in different sizes and will fit most convertibles. At only £79.95 including delivery I think it represents outstanding value for money. To visit their website just click on the Logo:

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  1. Comment by John Belton on August 11, 2011 11:41 am

    The grey 2.0l sport tec AB55 BEL is our car pictured in France this summer. The bag was excellent and proved to be waterproof on the way down to The Lot Valley. The rest of the 2000 mile trip was roof down, thankfully.To operate the roof all we had to do was slacken the straps, slide the bag back a couple of inches to give the required clearance, very simple and only a couple of minutes. I can highly recommend this bag which is very stable on the car even at motorway speeds.

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