Its in the Bag

The Boot-bag in Action In France

Mazda make a beautiful boot lid carrier and case for your extra holiday luggage but even on special offer it costs an eye-watering £464.18! To spend this sum on an item you use once or twice a year seems somewhat extravagant to say the least, but fortunately a small company has come up with a clever, practical alternative at an affordable price. have designed a  luggage bag that attaches to your MX5’s boot lid using a unique strapping system. The bag is waterproof and sits on a non slip mat to protect your paintwork. The straps won’t damage the edge of the boot-lid like a luggage rack and the whole thing is fitted and removed in minutes:

Slideshow – Fitting the Boot-bag

The Boot-bag is available in different sizes and will fit most convertibles. At only £79.95 including delivery I think it represents outstanding value for money. To visit their website just click on the Logo:

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