The Most Expensive MX5 Ever.

There are only 82 examples of this lovely MX5 Jasper Conran LE in Platinum remaining. The car was based on a standard model 1.8iS MX5 and only 500 units were built,100 in Platinum Silver and 400 in Classic Black. The silver model, the most expensive MX5 ever made, would cost you an astonishing £24,000.00 to buy new in 2000,while the slightly cheaper black version was priced at £21,000.00.
The exterior boasted specially made 15″ BBS alloy wheels with a colour coded exhaust trim and exterior badges,whilst the interior was trimmed with soft Connolly hide leather as used in the Rolls Royce and Ferrari. The silver models had red upholstery with a matching leather hood cover and red Wilton carpets. The black model had black upholstery with matching leather hood cover and black Wilton carpets.

Further enhancements included an aluminium effect centre console, dial fascia and inner door handles complimented with a two-tone aluminium and leather steering wheel and aluminium effect gear knob and hand-brake lever. In-car entertainment was provided by a Sony single CD player with a Mini Disc Changer. To download the Jasper Conran LE brochure free, click on the badge:

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