SKYACTIV with Brewer

Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers test drives the SKYACTIV Mazda 6 and learns about the advanced technology which will be an integral part of the next generation MX5.

Going For Glory

Mazda UK has entered three MX5s into the Britcar 24hr race at Silverstone on 1 October. The three Mazdas will be taking on rivals Seat, BMW, Lotus and Ginetta on the 3.666 mile Silverstone GP circuit. Two of the cars are production race cars based on the Mazda MX5 2.0i Soft-top Sport Tech alongside the world’s fastest and lightest Mazda MX5, the MX5 GT car.

The three race prepared Mazda MX5s will be relying on their handling, nimbleness, and lightness to reduce pit time through fewer tyre changes and frugal fuel consumption, while maximising track time to beat the race thoroughbreds including Seat, Honda, Lotus and BMW. The cars are expected to complete 1,000 competition miles in 24 hours making this the most gruelling race in the British motor racing calendar.

Currently, the 850kg Mazda MX5 GT ranks fifth overall in the championship and third in class, while the Mazda MX5 production race car, which is essentially a standard MX5 with safety modifications required by the Motor Sport Association, is fourth in class and eighth overall. The entry is in keeping with Mazda’s challenger spirit – competing against much faster race cars but relying on the attributes of the MX5 to bring victory within its grasp.

You could have a wonderful weekend at the newly updated Silverstone track; in addition to the racing, there are no end of attractions, including a fairground, shopping mall, sideshows, and air displays. Just click on the photo of the superb new hospitality centre for more details:

Snetterton Struggle

A promising start ended in the first retirement of the season for the Mazda MX-5 GT. However, the Mazda MX-5 production race car out handled rivals Seat Toledo, Seat Leon Cupra and the Synchro Motorsport Honda Jazz  and secured its second podium of the season.

The Enchanted Circle

Mazda USA is inviting people to send in details of their favourite American drives, with a prize for the best one. A similar competition ran in Top Gear magazine last year and they tested the drives in an MX5.

Donn R Wright, the MX5 driver in the film, travelled 1,300 miles from his home in Green Bay Wisconsin to the Enchanted Circle, one of the most beautiful drives in the world, amongst the Sangre de Cristo mountains in northern New Mexico.

Paul Simon loved the vast wilderness of these mountains which border Colorado and he sang about their dramatic beauty in “Hearts & Bones”, one of his most romantic songs:

Click on the logo to download the MP3:

More Than Just a Rumour…

we have definitive information about the MX5’s new styling direction from a rock-solid source. A senior editor at Japan’s Holiday Auto magazine said that if you know where to look, you can find just about anything on the Internet these days, even official manufacturer’s drawings of future models! That’s exactly what we have here:

Mazda’s patent office submission

Based on a technical drawing supplied by Mazda to the Tokyo Patent Office recently, an artist has composed this drawing of what to expect in the aesthetics department from the new roadster. It’s surprisingly simple, The new MX5’s grille will take on a more basic oval shape along the lines of the first-generation car, a departure from the current model’s large “smiley face” grille. The headlights have been given a distinct up-slanting teardrop shape. From what we see in this exclusive sketch, the proportions are almost identical to the 1989 car.

The same source said that, after exhaustive restyling, a kerbweight of around 950kg has been achieved, thanks to the new Skyactive chassis, powertrain and body. The new 6 speed MX5 will have a 1.5 ltr Skyactiv G engine producing around 125bhp and with  fuel economy of 55mpg. Lighter, cleaner and just as much fun to drive, the new MX5 is nearly here! Click for full report:

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