Follow that Ship!

Are you taking your MX5 on its holidays this summer? Perhaps you will be one of the thousands sailing from Dover to Calais on this ship and then driving south through France to the sunshine. Once the car is lashed down in the hold you will probably wander up on deck to watch the ships going by, and perhaps wonder where they are all going. Well now you can find out very easily using a super tracking application from There are an awful lot of vessels out there as this screenshot shows:

The simplest way to access this worldwide service is via your PC or laptop, but there are now apps for most mobile devices and you can of course take these with you in your pocket. To go straight to the site just click on the photo above and move the map to your area of interest. If you would like to get the app for your device then follow the instructions below:

For iPhone devices, click on the apple or open the App Store and search for ‘marinetraffic’. The app costs £2.49.

For Android devices open the Android Market on your mobile device and search for ‘marinetraffic’. Alternatively, click on the android.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about how it all works and perhaps set up your own tracking station, then visit our sister site,

Come On Mazda!

I love my MX5 so much that it pains me to publish this review of the new Sport Black L E by the straight-talking American team at “Fast Lane Daily”, but perhaps as a result Mazda will start to listen to their customers and produce proper Limited Editions of the world’s favourite sports car with real added quality, instead of just poorly considered cosmetic tweaks.

Early L Es had superchargers, much improved interiors, or great colours like the much loved yellow California. Now they increasingly seem to be an exercise in shifting unwanted models or components, instead of having genuine improvements and therefore being much sought after.

For example, the beautiful Kendo, which I like very much, is astonishingly only available with a five speed gearbox, even for the 2 ltr model. This latest offering, the Sport Black, is based on the MX5 GT, but has no performance enhancement, lacks style and is ridiculously expensive.

So come on Mazda, show some respect to the 900,00 drivers who love your car and start producing some really special limited editions!

Take a look at the review and let me know what you think.

Steve and Alice

Whilst at university my youngest son was lucky enough to be part of the “Noah & the Whale” band and played with them at all the major festivals, including Glastonbury, at the tender age of eighteen! At that time one of my favourite singers, Seasick Steve, was also on the festival circuit and at Reading he sang this lovely song to a charmingly shy young lady called Alice.

Steve’s trusty 3 string guitar.

If you like Alice’s song you can download it by right-clicking on this link Walkin-Man and selecting, “save link as”. Or click on the logo below to visit the Seasick Steve website:

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