Superbe Nouvel Avion Léger

The light aviation industry has been struggling to produce an aircraft which answers the problem of the rising cost of fuel, but LH Aviation, based at Melun-Villaroche airport, 20 miles south east of Paris, have come up with an innovative and extremely economical design. It’s very efficient pusher propeller, high performance low drag wing and ultra lightweight construction all contribute to the aircraft’s startling fuel consumption figures.

The two-seat LH-10 Ellipse is fast, it can fly at 175 knots (201mph), whilst achieving slightly more than 50 miles per gallon. This increases to 60 mpg if the pilot chooses to fly at a more fuel-efficient 80 knots, when maximum range becomes 864 miles. The Ellipse is made entirely of vacuum-infused carbon fibre and is powered by a 1350cc Rotax engine.

The Ellipse’s large tandem cockpit is very comfortable, and with the throttle in the left hand and a mini-stick in the right hand, you have superb visibility in all directions. The controls and instrumentation are also installed for the rear seat. The wings and stabilizer can be quickly dismantled in a few minutes by two people, without any tools and without emptying any fuel tank. The aircraft can then be loaded onto a trailer. The LH10 is available in kit form for home building, or completely assembled and ready to fly.

I must say, as much as I love my MX5, I would really like one of these little aircraft! It is twice as economical and a fair bit quicker than most cars and represents a huge step forward in private commuter aeroplane design. You can read more  by clicking on the logo:

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