Turbo or not Turbo, That is the Question…

The recently announced BBR-Cosworth supercharger conversion kit for the MX5 sounds very attractive, if you can afford the £4995 price tag and the hike in your insurance premiums. A supercharger has a number of distinct advantages over a turbocharger, there is no acceleration lag, the extra power is delivered evenly throughout the rev range and the kit is relatively simple to fit. This American video shows you just what you get for your money and I think it is very impressive!

Liquid Gold Test Results

I recently bought a bottle of the new Triplewax Liquid Gold car shampoo to see if its claimed self drying properties really worked. Well I have just tried it out on my wife’s new Mazda 2 and I have to say I am very impressed with the results.

The shampoo is easy to use but feels slightly sticky at the recommended dilution of 100ml to a bucket of warm water.. It also produces lots of foam  but is very easy to rinse off. As you can see the car looks great and the cleaning time was reduced by more than half.

The only criticism I have is that you get just four or five washes out of a bottle so it is quite expensive. However Liquid Gold saves lots of time and gets great results. I will probably buy it again  as it cuts out the labour of leathering the car. Prices vary a lot at the moment so shop around; as the product becomes established it will become cheaper. Give it try and see what you think!

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