The Most Wanted MX5 Limited Edition

In the early 1990s the Japanese toy manufacturer Toshima  produced this delightful MX5 replica child’s pedal car. They were a massive hit in Japan and some were exported to the USA where they have  become extremely sought after but very rare. When available new in Japan they cost about 30000 yen (£25) but they have been out of production for well over 10 years now. Every year at the huge Karuizawa Roadster Meeting (1000 Roadsters) they usually have a small section coned off for little children to race them, and the parents can watch. An MX5 Roadster pedal car race for the kids, what fun!

The car is, of course, pedal driven, with a battery to illuminate the pop-up headlights which are operated by a foot pedal. My earliest happy memories as a child are of having fun in a pedal car and my sons had a terrific time in their cars when they were little. I think that the 20th anniversary of the MX5 would be the ideal time for Mazda to commission a commemorative kiddie car like this. It would sell like hot cakes to MX5 owners with young children or grandchildren worldwide and  the MX5 pedal car would be a great publicity medium for the real thing. What do you think?

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