The Most Magical Place

Evening at Kleine Scheidegg

Everyone has a special place, somewhere they love more than anywhere else. When I was eleven years old I went on holiday to the Bernese Oberland in the Swiss Alps. The highlight of a wonderful stay was the ride on the train inside the Eiger to the Ski resort on the Jungfrau at 11,000 ft. Thirty years later I took my own sons on the same journey and it still remains the most dramatic and beautiful place I have ever visited.

Jungfraujoch station

The Jungfraubahn railway was completed in 1912 after sixteen years of work. It runs from the mountain resort of Kleine Scheidegg at the foot of the Eiger’s north face, through a 5 mile long tunnel, to the saddle beneath the summit of the Jungfrau where you can ski and eat and take in the most dramatic mountain views in Europe. The train stops twice on its climb and you can look out onto the Eiger north wall and down into the valley over a mile below.

The view from the top

The Bernese Oberland is not just a winter resort, plan to go in August when it is very warm and the alps are a mass of wild flowers. You can travel throughout the region on a superb network of trains and enjoy wonderful food. There are endless beautiful villages to explore with cable cars, waterfalls and mountain-top rotating restaurants! If you have children they will be entranced by the whole experience and will remember it forever.

The Schilthorn revolving restaurant

Start now by visiting the cafe at Kleine Scheidegg and take a look up at the ever-changing Eiger with their wonderful webcam; just click on the Rostizzeria logo:

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