Mazda Tops for Customer Satisfaction

Mazda has once again emerged as the nation’s best car company for ‘customer satisfaction’ with the brand and its dealers topping the automotive sector in the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index with a score of 83.3 percent, well above the car industry average of 78.4 percent.

The top five results in January’s survey were:
1. Mazda                     83.3%
2. Volvo                       81.5%
3. BMW/Mini                80.0%
4. Toyota                    79.8%
5. Mercedes-Benz       79.6%

Mazda’s winning and improved score – up from 80.6 percent in July 2010 – is also combined with clear market leadership for ‘perceived value’ versus rival brands, in terms of comparing costs with customer benefits.

“This survey result is another strong testament to the quality of our products, our customer service philosophy and the ability of Mazda dealers across the nation to focus on what UK motorists really want,” comments Steve Jelliss, Aftersales Director, Mazda UK. “Top place, with a higher score, confirms that our whole organisation and franchise network continues to be focused on delivering a quality and professional service at a reasonable cost, to ensure that Mazda ownership is a truly satisfying experience.”

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