He’s a Good Lad, that James May

Why are we so obsessed with meaningless performance figures?” Asks James May in his Daily Telegraph column. “Power is a wonderful thing, but there is a point beyond which it becomes not only facile but is in danger, as W O Bentley might have said, of corrupting performance. I still believe that the pleasure of driving comes not from the absolutes of performance, but from the nature of its delivery. I would argue that Mazda’s MX-5, although not especially fast in outright terms, is a high-performance car because it heightens the sensations relayed during driving.”

Spot on James, 900,000 owners agree with you completely. Yesterday I drove 50 miles on fast and hilly Yorkshire roads with the roof down and it was great fun, the MX5 is exhilarating to drive and always makes me smile. So just to prove James knows what he is talking about here is one of the best bits of Top Gear in recent times, James drives The Bugatti Veyron at its top speed of 253 mph!

You can read the article in full by clicking on the Telegraph logo:

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