Double Time With the Roof Down!

A proposal to move the clocks forward by one hour to “double summertime” will be published this week, but support for the move, which would make mornings darker, may depend upon where people live. David Cameron has said any plans to give the UK brighter evenings will only go ahead if it’s clear that the country is behind it.

If you live in London, then sunset would be at 2222 on 21 June, which is the longest day of the year. But in the winter solstice, on 21 December, it would not be fully light until sunrise at 0904. However, it would be a very different experience if you lived in Thurso in the Scottish Highlands, where under “double summertime”, the sun would not set until 2327 in mid-summer but it would not rise until 1003 in mid-winter.

So that you can see how it would affect you, seven cities are mapped above, and below there are ten more cities around the UK with the new sunrise and sunset times on the longest and shortest days of the year. Personally I am all in favour of the change to cut out the long winter evenings and do more motoring with the roof down, however topless night driving is a magical experience too!

Data courtesy of the BBC

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