What Car? An MX5 Of Course!

What Car magazine recently named our favourite sports car “Best buy under £25,000” in the open top category and has short listed the MX5 for their much coveted Car of the Year 2011 award. Pete Tullin, the magazine’s road test editor said, “We hate to use the word ‘affordable’ in relation to cars. They’re only affordable if you have the money. As roadsters go, though, the Mazda MX5 has very little competition in the affordability stakes – and none at all when it comes to capturing the spirit of a compact, light, soft-top two-seater. There are few greater or guiltier pleasures than whistling along a country lane with the roof down, listening to the rasp of a throaty exhaust bouncing off the scenery.”

“Few people are as devoted to their cars as MX5 owners, and if you’ve ever driven one you’ll understand exactly why. The MX5 gives you all the fun and style you’d want from a roadster. It’s well made and cheap to own, too.”

You can read the full article and their comprehensive review by clicking on the logo:

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