Haynes Under Strain

My copy of the latest Haynes MX5 Manual arrived this morning and I am afraid the concerns that have been expressed by other reviewers have proven to be true. Previous Haynes books I have owned were hardback, printed on quality paper and with bright, clear illustrations. This one is a paperback and is printed on the cheapest possible grey paper which results in poorly contrasted photographs that are very difficult to see.

The content appears to be the previous edition up to 1990 with perfunctory add-ons to cover models up to 2009 and with nothing on the latest 3.5 cars, although the manual was published a year after  the 3.5 launch. It really is a shame to see a prestigious company destroy its reputation by releasing a product that is so poorly made. There are getting on for a million MX5s around with a huge and enthusiastic following for maintenance, restoration and racing, and it seems to be financial suicide to launch a manual that entirely fails to recognise this huge market.

Having said that, beggars can’t be choosers. There are no other MX5 workshop manuals available and at least you can get some technical help from this book. The trouble is I feel that Haynes is showing a complete lack of respect for its customers and I gain no pleasure from using this publication. Sorry Haynes, we were really looking forward to this manual but you have let us all down.

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