And Then Two Come Along At Once!

A few months ago I complained about the lack of repair manuals for our favourite sports car and also the fact that the official Mazda MX5 documentation is not available to the public. Well I am still waiting for a response from Mazda UK on the latter point but after an eleven year gap Haynes have at last updated their book to take us up to 2009. Still nothing on the latest Mk3.5 but its better than what we had before.

I Am waiting for my copy to arrive but reviews so far are not great. This is a paperback manual printed on thin paper which might  not fair well in the workshop, unlike the old hardback versions. Also the information on the models released since the previous edition was published is pretty sketchy. You can get the manual on Amazon but they are in short supply so click on the cover above to check the stock.

At almost exactly the same time the Chilton manual appeared. This one specifically covers American and Canadian models and is also in paperback form. I haven’t seen a copy but I have a sneaky ( and entirely unfounded) feeling that the two manuals may be almost the same, there is certainly a link between Haynes and the Chilton author. If you know the truth let me know. Again it is for sale on Amazon, click on the cover.

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