Beware Greeks In Miatas

I thought long and hard before posting this video of an MX5 being driven in heavy rain somewhere in Greece. It is possibly the most terrifying piece of driving I have ever seen on a public road and my astonishment was only compounded by translating the comments on YouTube to find that the perpetrator wrote, “In practice it was not as dangerous as it seems.” Thank God he is in Greece!

I found the film whilst researching MX5 road holding in extreme conditions but I never expected to see anything like this. Clearly the car is being deliberately mishandled and it is no way representative of  the normal characteristics of our favourite sports car.

You Have Gone Too Far….

I Told You So!

Read All About It!

Twenty years on from its launch, the Mazda MX5 has established itself as the most popular sports car ever made, with legions of fans who adore its appealing looks, fine handling and honest virtues. Here is the full story, from genesis to today’s Mk3.5, complete with a special chapter about the numerous special editions. Supporting the historical background are extensive sections on the practical aspects of ownership including buying guidance, modifying and accessories, together with maintenance essentials.

Well-illustrated and attractively designed, this book should be standard reading for all MX5 enthusiasts. Updated in 2009, this is a hardback with 184 pages and 250 colour photographs and is available from Amazon with 40% off the list price at £12.25. My copy just arrived and it is brilliant!

Mazda MX5 v Mercedes SLK – Round One

Zoom Zoom!

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