Take Cover!

This 1937 Bugatti was found in a barn last year, where it had stood since 1960. It later sold for around 3 million pounds.

This burst of terrible weather has kept me off the road for ages and it reminded me that many people who don’t use their MX5 as a primary means of transport lay their cars up for the winter months. I decided not to do this because there is a school of thought that it is better to keep using the car than leaving it stationary. However, if you decide to mothball your motor there are some preparations you should take to keep it in top condition until the spring. The well respected Beaufort Restoration Company has produced a checklist of actions to guide you through the procedure and you can download it by clicking on the Bugatti picture above.

Ideally you should keep the car in a dry garage with a dust cover once you have completed the work and you can order this breathable cover from S G Petch at a great sale price. One thing I have done is to install a 4ft tubular heater in my garage, it is only 180 watts and it is just sufficient to keep the temperature above freezing and take the dampness from the air. There is a good selection on Amazon and they are easy to install and very cheap to run. Click on the photo for details:

The Beaufort Company also produces a spring recovery guide which details the procedure to be followed to wake up your car from storage, it is primarily aimed at older classic cars but is well worth reading. Just click on their logo:

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