New Review

Here is the latest review of the 2.0 ltr MX5 from Car Buyer magazine. An interesting profile of our favourite car which is presented in something of a laddish manner – everything is wrenched open, twisted hard and generally viewed at a superficial level. Still, I suppose even Chelsea fans have to work somewhere!

Just to correct some points in the film: not fast? 0 to 62mph in 7.6secs and 132mph sounds good to me! The central cup holders are designed to be easily removed to leave a useful storage box. The softtop and the hardtop both retract without reducing boot space and the volume is the same for both cars at 150ltrs. Finally the Powershift gearbox is absolutely superb in all modes and the paddles give you lightning fast changes, I know because I have got one!

Be Prepared

Your MX5 is a superbly made and robust car, but soft tops need extra protection from the winter elements. Also powerful, lightweight rear wheel drive sports cars can be temperamental in extreme weather.

So first of all lets look at keeping the car in good condition despite snow and ice. Of course the  most vulnerable part of an MX5 is the hood and reproofing it annually is a well worth it, so visit our hood cleaning post for how to tackle it.

The low front of the car is very vulnerable to stone chips and a layer of high quality polish such as Autoglym Deep Shine will really help. Similarly the MX5 alloys can be prone to corrosion and a coating of sealant makes a big difference. Finally give your leather seats a feed to keep the damp out, Autoglym again make a superb and easy to use balm.

If you tend to drive your five less often in the winter then you should invest in a good battery charger, the MX5 has a small current drain even when switched off so it well worth topping up regularly. Next, check your radiator anti-freeze and increase the screenwash concentration so you can see out!

Tyre condition and pressure are most important factors in making the best of the car’s handling; with a good pressure gauge and a tread depth tool you can make sure you are safe. A digital pump saves a trip to the garage and Michelin make an excellent model which I have found to be very reliable.

The secret of staying on the road comes down to smooth driving technique, the MX5 can lose back-end grip very easily on snow and ice and great care should be taken both with the accelerator, and when braking. In deep snow turning off the DSC can help you to move forward but switch it back on as soon as you can. If you have a Powershift then use the second gear fixed mode to get going by tapping the M shift lever backwards whilst stationary.

Finally, click on the picture above to read a very interesting article on winter driving techniques, including a story of a hairy drive in an MX5!

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