Who Knows Where the Road Leads?

Doing It Manually

Do you remember these? For many years I had a Haynes manual for every car I owned, simply because I could not afford to have servicing carried out professionally. Later on, with work and children taking up my time, I was glad to have a garage do the job. Now that I have a proper enthusiast’s car I would like very much to have a workshop manual, simply to understand more about the technology involved in the design of my MX5. However, although there are 850,00  proud owners out there you cannot buy a workshop manual for any MX5 made after 1998, even directly from Mazda. I know that modern cars are very sophisticated and servicing is best left to the experts, but why can’t we buy the book? Even better, give every buyer a disk with the manual in PDf format, it would cost very little.

If you have one of the earlier marques then you can buy any of the manuals illustrated above from MX5 Parts, a first class supplier of a wide range of items for the MX5, by clicking on the manual you want.

P.S. I spoke to Mazda customer service, who were quite charming, about this topic and was told that: “The manuals are available online only to authorised dealers and also independent motor traders who are VAT registered. There could be a charge for the use of these manuals.” In other words, get lost!

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