Look After Your ‘Five!

A World We Are Destroying

The Song is, “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona

Watch in HD if You Can

The Kuroshio Sea Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan, is one of the largest in the world. Every year millions of people flock to this magnificent centre to admire the grace and beauty of the aquatic life that can be seen here. Four fifths of our planet’s surface is covered by water and yet we know little about the wonderful creatures that live in it. Instead we catch fish on an industrial scale with virtually no thought to conservation and we pollute their delicate environment by dumping effluent and rubbish into our oceans.

A Giant Cod

Many areas of our seas are almost devoid of life and yet we continue to justify overfishing on this appalling scale because of people’s livelihoods, but soon there will be nothing left to catch. What is really at stake is our entire marine ecosystem and the survival of the creatures within it. Something must be done now before it is too late, so visit the superb Marine Conservation Society website to see how you can make your voice heard, or watch this short video with Kate Humble to learn about the “Your Sea Your Voice” campaign:

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