Mummy, Where Do MX5s Come From?

Well, Daddy and I….

go to the garage and order the car we want and 6,000 miles away, at one of the largest  factories in the world in Hiroshima Japan, Mazda build it. But then it has to get to us so it is put on a 60,000 tonne 200m long car carrier which has 12 floors, alongside 5,000 other Mazdas.

The MX5s are loaded onto the ship by a highly skilled parking team at a rate of between 70 and 100 cars per hour and reverse parked 10cm apart without using door mirrors. The drivers are guided by voice as they aim each car’s right rear corner at the next car’s A-pillar and when they are within a hand’s width they straighten up and reverse all the way back without a scratch. Then it is over to the lashing team who secure the cars to the deck to keep them safe whilst the ship travels non-stop, day and night at 20 knots for a month, via Singapore and through the Suez canal, until it finally arrives here. Isn’t that incredible?

The Mitsui OSK Line car carrier, Courageous Ace

Click on the photo to read more about the ship.

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