Stop the Train!

The Chilterns lie to the northwest of London and comprise some of the most beautiful countryside in England, with fine oak woodlands and rolling hills. Last March the previous government announced that a new high speed rail link costing £30 billion would be built to Birmingham and would eventually be extended through the Lake District to Scotland. The trouble with high speed trains is that to go fast they need to travel in a straight line and therefore destroy the landscape without remorse. The impact is not limited to the immediate area of the line either, just listen to the noise of this German train entering a tunnel at 186mph:

The really galling thing about this plan is that our existing trains are quite fast already; overcrowded, smelly and inefficient, but not slow. What we really need is not faster trains but more trains and more regional services. the last thing we want is the wholesale destruction of our precious countryside in pursuit of an unnecessary service. If we have so much money to spare then let’s put it into regenerating the regions this train is planned to serve. Just having a faster transport link will do little to breath life into the struggling West Midlands. Our new government has said it wants to involve people in major  decisions so let’s see if we really can make a difference, act now!

What you can do if you are opposed to the planned high speed rail link to Birmingham:

  • Write to your MP.
  • Write to the Secretary of State at the Department for Transport.

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