Save Your Leather From the Weather

The top of the range models in the latest MX5 range come with beautiful leather seats made by Recaro. They are six-way adjustable, have electrically heated base and back with six temperature settings and are finished with white stitching. The door panels are also trimmed to match . Of course sports car upholstery gets more exposure to the elements than a normal saloon and even modern leather is more vulnerable to the effects of sunlight and moisture than woven fabrics, so you need to look after it.

The hide used in the MX5 has a matt finish so it is important not  to use a wax polish or you will end up with a very shiny, slippery seat. The best products I have found are made by Autoglym, in particular their Leather Balm which breathes life back into the leather and also applies a UV protective coating. Autoglym also make a Leather Care Cream which is quite a bit cheaper and is very good too, so take your pick! You can get both products on Amazon.

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