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Do It Up: MX5: A practical Guide to Renovation on a Budget

The Mazda MX-5 was single-handedly responsible for the revival of the sports car market twenty years ago. Second hand models are now plentiful and affordable, and this practical guide provides expert advice on how to breath new life into a used example of this modern-day classic. From preventative maintenance, to the renewal of worn components and details of known problems and how to fix them, the clearly written, comprehensively illustrated text provides all the information required to enjoy an MX-5 on a budget. You can get the super MX5 Do It Up guide, published by Haynes, very cheaply from Amazon.

The first thing to do before starting a restoration project is to join the MX5 Owners’ Club which has a host of useful information. Start by taking a look at their excellent buying advice forum, or just click on the logo:

Read All About It!

The first thing I did when I bought my MX5 was to try and find out more about the development of the car, and whilst there is lots of material online there is nothing like a good book, and this one is outstanding. With a foreword by Miata Program Manager Takao Kijima, here in definitive detail is the history of the Mazda MX5, the world’s favourite sports car. Researched and written in Japan by Brian Long, with the full cooperation of Mazda, this beautifully produced book tells the story of the MX5 Miata from its inception and design, and follows the development of the car through three generations of production and international sales.

There are over 224 pages containing full colour photographs, concept drawings, and illustrations and the story of the MX5 is told in an easy but authoritative style. Although an American publication, the book covers all marques of the MX5 and is a really good read. You can get it from MX5 Parts by clicking on their Logo:

Flamingo Land

The Kumali Roller Coaster

Situated  about five miles south of Pickering, just off the A169, Flamingo Land has a theme park, zoo and holiday village within its 375 acre site. Flamingos were one of the first inhabitants of the zoo and became the site’s mascots, hence the name Flamingo Land. Today the zoo has more than 1000 animals, including lions, tigers and meerkats as well as exotic birds, fish and reptiles. The staff makes every effort to recreate as natural an environment as possible for all the 120 species in their care.

The theme park has over 100 rides ranging from white knuckle thrillers to gentle children’s rides. Among the extreme roller coasters you will find the Circulator, the Navigator, Cliff Hanger, Mumbo Jumbo and Kumali, a suspended coaster that twists and loops over a 1000m track. For children there is the Dragon Coaster, Muddy Duck tractor ride the Splash Battle interactive water park and  the Splish Splash water ride. You will get wet!

Families can enjoy a variety of shows throughout the day,including a sea lion show, bird show and African acrobats. To keep your energy up, there are numerous food outlets to suit all tastes. Why not let your hair down and have a really fun day out! Click on the logo for full details:

Its a Brees!

I admire talent in all fields and I also love to see outstanding sporting achievements, one of the greatest of recent times being the victory in the 2009-10 Superbowl by the New Orleans Saints. For a city devasted by a hurricane to rebuild its football team and win the championship was a remarkable feat and much credit was due to their amazing quarterback, Drew Brees. I am a great fan of American football, but even if you are not give this video a try  in which Drew competes against an Olympic archer in a spot of very scientific target practice:

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