Farndale Daffodil Walk

One of the best outings in the spring is the Farndale daffodil walk on the North Yorks Moors, which runs along side the River Dove  for about 1½ miles, starting in the village of Low Mill and ending at Church Houses. Farndale is internationally famed for its show of wild daffodils which normally bloom around the end of March each year, a little after the best of the domesticated garden daffodils. It is believed the bulbs were first brought to Farndale by medieval monks from Rievaulx and these wild daffodils (narcissus pseudonarcissus) are also known by the old english name “Lenten Lily”,derived from the fact they normally bloom around Easter. You can  get information on how the daffs are doing on the Farndale website.

Now, I would not normally encourage you to abandon your MX5 in favour of public transport but in this case it really is a good idea. Every year more than 40,000 visitors come to admire the flowers and there is a real risk to the environment if everyone tries to drive all the way. So be green and have a great day out, it really is worth it!

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