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The first thing I did when I bought my MX5 was to try and find out more about the development of the car, and whilst there is lots of material online there is nothing like a good book, and this one is outstanding. With a foreword by Miata Program Manager Takao Kijima, here in definitive detail is the history of the Mazda MX5, the world’s favourite sports car. Researched and written in Japan by Brian Long, with the full cooperation of Mazda, this beautifully produced book tells the story of the MX5 Miata from its inception and design, and follows the development of the car through three generations of production and international sales.

There are over 224 pages containing full colour photographs, concept drawings, and illustrations and the story of the MX5 is told in an easy but authoritative style. Although an American publication, the book covers all marques of the MX5 and is a really good read. You can get it from MX5 Parts by clicking on their Logo:

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