Croft Racing Circuit

Have you ever fancied driving a racing car, or a Ferrari, or a crazy Lamborghini Murcielago, or a host of other super cars? Or perhaps you just enjoy watching motor sport. Well you can do all of these things at Croft Racing circuit, just south of Darlington. They have a full car and bike racing programme together with driving experience days, track days and advanced driving courses. You can find out about all this fun by clicking the picture:

If you fancy doing this yourself then the nice people at Croft can fix it for you at one of their track days. Me? I will stick to moorland roads and sunday lunches!

Car Magazine voted the MX5 “Performance Car Of The Year 2009” See what you think when you Take a fast lap of Cadwell Park on a lovely spring track day with Fahad Hizam, a 26 year old driver with the Meezer MX5 Racing Team. Try watching it in full screen and HD if you can.

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