Chrome – The Thing or Just Bling?

My car was a showroom demonstrator for the launch of the latest model in April last year and it had lots of extras fitted, including chrome door handles, indicator bezels, quarterlight pillars and windscreen surround. Now, chrome is a very sensitive subject for many MX5 drivers, with the purists howling in horror at the thought of any adornment not fitted as standard. However, I think that, in moderation, a bitof the shiny stuff looks good. There is a huge range of  high quality chrome fittings  on sale at your local Mazda dealer and even more at MX5 Parts, the hard thing is to know when to stop. I was sorely tempted by the Mazda manufactured fuel filler cap, but a stern look from my friendly salesman told me it would be a step too far. However, I still wonder if it might look great…

Really you can do whatever takes your fancy, apparently MX5 owners buy more accessories for their cars than any other make or model and whilst I would personally draw the line at chrome washer jet covers, hey, if it feels good, do it!

Croft Racing Circuit

Have you ever fancied driving a racing car, or a Ferrari, or a crazy Lamborghini Murcielago, or a host of other super cars? Or perhaps you just enjoy watching motor sport. Well you can do all of these things at Croft Racing circuit, just south of Darlington. They have a full car and bike racing programme together with driving experience days, track days and advanced driving courses. You can find out about all this fun by clicking the picture:

If you fancy doing this yourself then the nice people at Croft can fix it for you at one of their track days. Me? I will stick to moorland roads and sunday lunches!

Car Magazine voted the MX5 “Performance Car Of The Year 2009” See what you think when you Take a fast lap of Cadwell Park on a lovely spring track day with Fahad Hizam, a 26 year old driver with the Meezer MX5 Racing Team. Try watching it in full screen and HD if you can.

The MX5 Roadster Coupe

This superb video of the latest MX5 coupe really captures the spirit of the car. With the fastest hood folding time of any convertible at only 12 seconds, greater winter comfort and much better security the coupe might be the car for you. The roof doesn’t take up any boot space, is made of ultra-lightweight materials and is beautiully finished. Go and have a test drive!

Helmsley Castle

The lovely village of Helmsley lies mid way between Thirsk and Pickering and is about an hours drive from Whitby on roads with beautiful views. The village is built round a ruined medieval castle and has a magnificent market square. There are lots of interesting little shops  including Foster & Hawkes, one of the finest toy shops in the country. We would recommend you visit Hunter’s Deli,  in the square and try their wonderful food before enjoying a leisurely stroll around the castle. There is also a famous walled garden next to the castle and  17th century Nunnington Hall is just 4 miles away.It really is a great drive and a grand day out.

Everyone Loves an MX5

The sun came out this morning so I braved the snow on the ground for a quick dash to the supermarket in Whitby town centre. I returned to the MX5 about half an hour later and as I walked down the car park I saw an old chap, (that is to say another old chap like me), waving his arms and clapping his hands next to my beloved car. Puzzled, I went up to him and rather shyly said hello. “You don’t want that great big B—-r on your roof!” he shouted. I looked up to see a huge seagull hovering over the car, “He wants to land on the roof cos its warm”, he said, ” don’t worry, I’ve kept him off; cheerio.” What a nice bloke – everyone loves an MX5.

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